Germany’s KfW Bank inspects MBDA’s progress in Helenvale

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), the implementing agent for the Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme funded by KfW Bank of Germany, on Thursday (30th January) hosted a delegation from the Bank. The main purpose of the visit was to assess progress and finalize other details related to counter funding and sustainability.

The SPUU programme is implemented by the MBDA on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) who are signatories to the funding agreement with the German Development Cooperation Bank. The visit, led by the Senior Project Manager, the overseer of the agreement with the NMBM, Gabriele Gotz comes at a time when the project nears its completion in April 2020.

Commenting on the work done to date, Gotz says “it is amazing what has been achieved in Helenvale with the MBDA doing fantastic work”.

“For us it was a very good day as we edge closer to completion and we hope the NMBM and the MBDA will take the lessons from Helenvale and use them to drive development in other parts of the City”.

Debbie Hendricks, Operations Executive that oversees the projects says, “this visit comes at a crucial time in the lifespan of the project where significant and tangible progress is visible on the ground and in programmes across Helenvale”.

“We have learnt so much in Helenvale in terms what it takes to implement projects in a challenging environment, we also recognise that a lot still needs to be done in terms of human capital development in order to overcome the socio-economic challenges we confront daily as we engage with the community”.

About the SPUU Project:

The Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading programme is a German-funded development initiative through the KfW Bank via a Germany and South Africa country agreement. The NMBM is the custodian of the project and the MBDA is the implementing agent.

The programme was designed to run for 5 years since 2014 but has had to be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. SPUU covers 5 specific areas: 1- Public space improvements, 2 -Domestic violence prevention, 3 – housing plan, 4, youth socio-economic development and 5- safer schools.

One of the conditions for the 5million euro grant is for NMBM and the region (Provincial) to facilitate projects that have a similar value to the German fund, commonly referred to as counter funding. That means all related services delivered by various government spheres in Helenvale for the duration, should have a similar of higher value than that of the Bank.

A feasibility study was conducted before projects and focus areas were identified. This meant more than a year of public consultation and focus groups. Since its inception and during the various stages of the project, different community structures were engaged to facilitate communication l between the project team and the community. These community structures have evolved as the needs of the project has changed over time. The project team has recently embarked on an Endline Survey to learn how the project has impacted the Helenvale community and to measure if objectives been met.



SCHOOLS: – PROJECT CONTRACT VALUE PER SCHOOL                                                                           

• Gelvandale High – R3, 111,842.44
• Bayview Primary – R2, 198,709.15
• Helenvale Primary – R2, 837,334.28
• Hilcrest Primary – R3, 367,843.66

• Strip Topsoil and stockpile for reuse – 100%
• Construct layer works on Rugby/Soccer fields – 100%
• Construct layer works on Netball and Basketball courts – 100%
• Construction of cricket practice pitches – 80%
• Construction of cricket playfields (in the middle of soccer/rugby fields) – 0%
• grassing on all fields – 95%
• Install Posts in all fields (soccer/rugby) – 0% Posts have been acquired. These are installed for games
• Surfacing on netball and basketball courts – 100%
• Concrete finishing on all cricket practice pitches – 100%
• Install cricket netting on all practice pitches – 100%
• Install fencing on identified areas on each school – 100%
• Trim, re-shape and finishes and handover – 60%
1. Number of SME’s identified for each project
• We have approximately sixteen (16) SMEs on site
2. Number of workers on site vary from month to month depending on activities
• Between 30-50 workers

• We have approximately six (6) SMEs on site
• 29 workers on site – (including Pro-Khaya Construction) – excluding security personnel
• 6-10 workers from the Plant Hire Company (Omega Civils) staff numbers fluctuate depending on days activities and plant needed
3. Current contract value
• R10,409,190.01                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              4. Number of workers on site when SME’s are on
• Varies between 30-50 workers.


5. Description of current works and next phase
• Strip Topsoil and stockpile for reuse – 100%
• Install municipal wet services (Water & Sewer) – 100%
• Construct layer works to final level – 100%
• Construct new Pavilion – 80%
• Landscaping (Grassing etc) – 90%
• Construct kick-about fields – 100%
• Install rugby and goal posts – 0%
• Fencing – 100%
• Trim and re-shame complete and handover- 65%