Happy Valley Precinct (Telkom Park)

8 Facts you need to know about the Baakens and Telkom Park rejuvenation projects.

  1. The Telkom Park / Happy Valley programme is subject to environmental authorizations having been given. The legislative time frames required for this process indicates that should all be in order, we can commence with demolition in March 2018. We are anticipating that the project could take 6-8 months to complete.
  2. There has been a number of scenarios that were developed over the years including mixed use developments that feature retail, exhibitions center, accommodation and eco-adventure activities. There is no final decision yet as further consultations processes still need to be undertaken.
  3. The South End mixed use precinct is on the south banks of the Baakens River between North Union Street and the intersection of Upper Valley Road and Webber Street.
  4. The plans are to facilitate the development of a mixed use precinct that will socially and spatially transform the area,  to create a vibrant destination where citizens can live, work and play, while providing a leisure precinct as an added tourism activity node. There will be a focus on utilizing all heritages including the built, the green and the cultural heritages to enable this.
  5. The current process will focus on extensive public participation which will inform the vision for the area. This will be translated into a framework plan will be the basis on which environmental authorization will be sought and zoning rights established for the precinct. One of the key stakeholder groupings will be the community that was forcibly removed from South End. It is anticipated that this will take a year to complete.
  6. Both projects contribute to the City’s strategic pillars and the vision of the MBDA in transforming people, space and contributing to the economic growth of Nelson Mandela Bay.
  7. Telkom Park demolition process budget is R5 million. South End precinct still requires this to be quantified.
  8. The economic rejuvenation of the Happy Valley precinct has a strong link to future Bay world revitalization. Happy Valley or Telkom Park as popularly known is the backyard of Bayworld. The City needs a diverse and competitive tourism product mix that has can entice visitors to stays longer and spend more in our City. We believe Happy Valley / Telkom Park and the Baakens can deliver that. The socio economic benefits will be felt by all in the Bay.