Stakeholder Engagement: Fort Frederick



The Mandela Bay Development Agency wish to invite you to the Fort Frederick stakeholder engagement, to explore new urban revitalization strategies for the area.

Built in 1799 to defend the mouth of the Baakens River, Fort Frederick stands overlooking the harbour along Belmont Terrace in Central. The area served as protection against a possible landing of French troops in the harbour during the Napoloeonic wars when British occupation of the colony first occurred. This piece of land has been incredibly well preserved and is close enough to the Donkin Reserve to incorporate in the Donkin Heritage Trail.

The aim is to create a special place for social, spatial and economic transformation through mixed-use development.  The MBDA’s intentions with the project is to ensure that the precinct is safe, secure and encourages recreational and commercial uses.

We encourage you to join us in on the conversation and have your say.