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07/29/2022 02:00 PM
Corporate Services

The MBDA hereby invites accredited last mile service providers to provide services to the MBDA as per the below scope of work.


  1. Scope of Work:

    The MBDA currently has the following PABX system in place:
  1. Digital SL2100 Communications Server (Gigabit interface)
  2. SIP Exchange Line Ports (Liquid Telecom SIP)
  3. Hybrid Extension Ports (for Conference Phones)
  4. IP Channel License (TOTAL 32)
  5. IP7WW-8IPLD IP Telephones (Gigabit, system IP phone)
  6. Grandstream GXP 1628 Gb IP Phone & 3rd Party IP licenses
  7. Cat 6 3Meter Fly & Patch Leads
  8. Cat 6 1Meter Patch Leads
  9. MyCalls Console (Screen based Operators)
  10. 3rd Party CTI License
  11. AP400S DECT Base Station
  12. G266 DECT Cordless Handsets & Charger Boats
  13. VOIP Daughter Board
  14. Voicemail Integrated 4G storage
  15. Voicemail to Email
  16. Auto Attendant 4 Port
  17. Man3000 Soft On Line License
  18. Aruba 2530 48G PoE+ Switch


07/25/2022 12:00 PM
The Mandela Bay Development Agency MBDA hereby calls for quotes from suitable service providers for SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF CROCKERY AND CUTLERY
Tramways Building
1. Steak knife x 4
2. Soup Bowls x 30
3. Coffee mugs x 30
4. Table Forks x (Stainless steel) x 30
5. Table Knives x (Stainless Steel) x 30
6. Teaspoons x 100
7. Tablespoons x 50
8. Water Jugs x 4 (with lids)
9. 1litre Creamers Jugs x4 (with lid)
10. Medium Glasses of water 50
11. Coffee plunger 350ml x 2
12. Coffee plunger 1L x 2
13. Satchet holder x 10
14. Sugar bowl x 10
15. 20L Urn x 1
Science and techology Centre
16. Coffee mugs x 30
17. Soup bowls x 20
18. Table forks (stainless steel) x 30
19. Table knives (stainless steel) x 30
20. Teaspoon (stainless) x 30
21. Tablespoon (stainless Steel) x 30
22. Dinner plates x 30
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Directors: V Dyantyi, MW Goduka, P Kondlo, SM Mbanga, (Chairperson), M Moolman, KG Ntshanyana
M Odayar, G Perumal.
Company Secretary: M Matiwane
23. Side plates x 30
24. Cups and saucers x 30
25. 20L Urn x 1
26. Hand vacuum cleaner x 2
27. 30L touch screen Microwave

MBDA 05691 Auditing Service

07/27/2022 12:00 PM
  1. Background


The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) is a municipal entity that was established in 2004 by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) to introduce urban renewal projects and initiatives into the inner cities and various emerging and developing nodes of the Nelson Mandela Bay (which comprises Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch).

As part of its mandate it is also the Project Execution Agency for the NMBM in respect of the Helenvale Safety and Peace through Urban Upgrading (SPUU) programme, a foreign donor funded project of KfW Bank in Germany and which forms part of a government to government financial cooperation agreement between Germany and South Africa.

The MBDA hereby wishes to invite suitably qualified and experienced service providers in the auditing field to undertake the scope of work outlined below.


  1. Objectives of the audit


1.  The objective of the audit of the Disposition Fund(s), including the Special Account, is to permit the auditor to express an opinion on the financial reports and statements of expenditures based on the withdrawal applications for the Disposition Fund(s). Such expenditures have been made under the financial position of the loan/ financing agreement for financing the Helenvale SPUU Programme of Projects.

2. The auditor must state the total disbursements that was transferred to    the Disposition


3. Scope 

It is important to note that the Audit Period will be from 17 July 2021 up until 18 July 2022.



07/27/2022 04:00 PM
Corporate Services

The MBDA seeks suitably qualified service providers for the following trainings:

1. Health & Safety Rep

2.  Fire Fighting and

3. First Aid Training Courses:

Training is for 12 Candidates and must be Face-to-face training. Each training must be a one day course.



07/25/2022 12:00 PM

The MBDA hereby invites suitably qualified service providers to provide a service for the installation and management of car trackers for our vehicle fleet. The appointment and services shall be as and when required, for a 12-month period not exceeding R200k including VAT.




Services to be quoted on:


  1. The installation of a tracker
  2. The service/management fee for 12 months