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St Peters Anglican Church

The St Peters Anglican Church was part of the landmarks affected by the forced removals. By 1972, the empty building was vandalised. The MBDA has since purchased the land and has carried out environmental improvements around the church including a timber walkway that provides visibility of the ruins of the church and a beautiful view of the ocean. The ruins of what was St Peter’s Church presents Nelson Mandela Bay with an opportunity grow its Heritage tourism product offering as must see, visit and experience site as well as an economic opportunity for small to medium tourism businesses. MBDA Chief Executive Officer Ashraf Adam said, “The forced removal of this community to disparate areas in the Northern East of the City destroyed the very fabric of the city and the innumerable lives in the process. The St Peters Church ruins symbolises a valuable history of the community of South End, a place where people from every walk of like congregated, worshiped together and living in peace. This and other considerations is why the MBDA wishes to engage with the public on opportunities for creating something special, a place of memory and a demonstration of what a post-Apartheid City represents”.

Project Details
  • Architects: NA
  • Civil Engineers: NA
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Completed on: 12 February 2019
  • Location:Baakens Valley/Soyth End