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Psychosocial Support

Psychosocial support services and socio-economic development. The MBDA Psychosocial Support Services is a new approach to holistic development. Hence, the establishment of the programme - Safety and Peace through Urban Planning. Commencement of the projects have been successfully been implemented since 2015; the programme focuses on 3 psychosocial programmes, namely: Safer Schools programme This programme aims to establish violence prevention and conflict management systems in the four Helenvale schools, namely: Bayview Primary School, Gelvandale High School, Helenvale Primary School and Hillcrest Primary School. The aim is to foster safe school environments that are conducive to teaching and learning and that promote the growth, development and well-being of learners and the wider school community. There are peace promotion activities in a form on leadership camps, teacher debriefing and team building, integrated sports events and sports tours. It is also an upgrade of sporting facilities to revive a spirit of extra-mural and co-curriculum activities. We also form partnerships with relevant community organisations that assists with afterschool classes, leadership camps and holiday programmes. Domestic Violence Prevention Partnership with community-based organisations to create awareness and decrease prevalence of domestic violence in the area. component addresses various types of domestic violence and provides access to information regarding legal and criminal justice frameworks available to victims. It will also strengthen and extend victim support services and facilities, promote networks to prevent domestic violence and provide support for victims. There are counselling services rendered at the four schools in Helenvale. Youth Development promotion Youth services are strategized in a 3-level intervention trajectory. 1. Career guidance and counselling – this component is the first step in creating awareness of options and career pathing leading to skills development for young people. 2. Skills development –Decisions are based on options that are guided by career counselling to prepare for careers. 3. Business Support – This component supports young people who opt their own business through counselling and skills development.

Project Details
  • Architects: NA
  • Civil Engineers: NA
  • Project Status: Complete
  • Completed on: 13 January 2019
  • Location:Gelvandale and Helenvale