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MBDA 05595 Supply and Delivery of Stationery

5/17/2021 2:00:00 PM
Supply and Delivery of the following: STATIONERY Typex printing Papers x 30 Counter books x 20 (192 pg) A5 Self seal Envelopes (1 of 250x Box) plain white A4 Self Seal Envelopes (1 Box of 250) plain white 110x220mm self-seal envelopes ( 1 Box of 250) plain white Brother Tape 12mm MK-22 X 5 Tipex Correctional Pen x 5 Prit 43g x 15 Liver Arch Files x 20 Paper Clips variety x 5 boxes small and 5Medium size Highlighters Variety boxes x 3 Laminating Machine Heavy duty A4 Paper size Binding Machine A4 booklet maker up to 150 pgs Stick n Notes x 15 Slide Binders A4 3mm 20PVC Black X 10 Slide Binders A43mm20PVC Blue x 10 Office Stapler x 3 Office Punch Medium size x 3 Office Big Scissor x 3 Plastic Sleeves x 3 (100 each) Clear buffer tape big size x 6

MBDA 05593 Rental of Kitchen Facility at Tramways

5/12/2021 2:00:00 PM
The MBDA hereby calls interested Catering (Food preparation services) Operators to submit proposals with quotations for the leasing and of the Tramways Building based Kitchen Facility. The Facility was completed in 2015 and operated as a hospitality / chef training facility for a youth program based at the Tramways. The fully fitted kitchen with accompanying storage space and cooking utensils with built in stove, extractors and washing facilities is supported by available shower and ablutions facilities. A small administrative/ reception area is also available for all administrative purposes. The space for lease is Ground Floor, The Tramways approximately 304 square metres to be available for viewing between the 6th and 7th of May 2021. Also see annexure a.

Professional Consultant for Extension 12 Play Park Design

4/21/2021 12:00:00 PM
PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANTS FEE- CIVIL ENGINEERING. The MBDA requires services to design, document and implement the Extension 12 Play Park in Helenvale. • The Consulting service must be well versed with the environmental conditions of Helenvale, • Must conduct a topographic survey in including the design of a, • 5 aside soccer turf made of concrete including a netball court, • Fence of the facility with 1.2m clear-view or similar with a concrete walkway and, • Design concrete stand for play equipment with fall protection as per municipal standards. A compulsory briefing session will be held via MS Teams to provide detailed specifications to interested bidders on Thursday, 15 April 2021 at 12:00.

MBDA 05585 Steel works

4/1/2021 2:00:00 PM
The MBDA wishes to appoint a service provider for the Repairs and Maintenance services in the field of Metal and Steel Works. Contract Duration is for 3 Months, renewable for a further 3 months at the sole discretion of the MBDA. 1.1 The Scope of Works involves supply, repairs, maintenance and manufacturing of the following: 1.1.1 Bollards (Steel & PVC) + Telescopic Bollard Automation, etc.; 1.1.2 Access doors; 1.1.3 Metal Security Safe; 1.1.4 Informal trader’s kiosk maintenance under the MBDA’s management and control; 1.1.5 Road signs; 1.1.6 Burglar proofing; 1.1.7 Stone guards; 1.1.8 Servicing of flag poles, including hoisting mechanisms, pulleys, cables, ropes, truck assembly, motors, including cleaning of flag poles and gearing systems etc. (all MBDA mandated areas); 1.1.9 Repairs to existing flags and the manufacturing of new flags for all (MBDA Mandated Areas); 1.1.10 Must be available after hours for emergency relates services; 1.1.11 General steel work; 1.1.12 Any other related steel works Closing date 01 April 2021 at 14h00


3/29/2021 12:00:00 PM
IRONMONGARY SERVICES FOR HELENVALE SPORTFIELD FACILITIES The MBDA requires services for construction of 6 number 5 aside hot dipped galvanized goal posts and 4 number netball poles including with sleeves. 1. The supplier will ensure that the post to be constructed from 50 mm round tubing with continuous weld to joints, 2. Netball pole to be constructed with a sleeve and removable pole, 3. 5 aside post to be fitted with netting and handle constructed on the side to be manually moved, 4. The service provider must be the producer of the ironmongery, 5. The appointed service provider shall submit proof of public liability insurance for a minimum value of R100 000.00 per claim. 6. The onus is on the service provider to ensure that they will have the necessary insurances to safeguard the materials onsite. A compulsory briefing session will be held via MS Teams to provide detailed specifications to interested bidders on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 at 11:00. Due to covid-19, all Bidders who will be attending the compulsory briefing session must confirm their attendance by emailing such to and quote the reference number (MBDA 05582 IRONMONGARY SERVICES FOR HELENVALE SPORTFIELD FACILITIES) by 08:00 on Tuesday 23 March 2021