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MBDA 05610 Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery

6/21/2021 4:00:00 PM
Offices Stationery 1. Lever Arch Files >A4 x10 boxes 2. Project Board white 100 sheets x2 3. A4 Counter Book 192 pages x 10 4. Bic Click Black pen x2 Boxes 5. 10 Tab Dividers Board x100 6. Pritt stick 43g x10 7. Driver Log book x10 8. A5 Manuscript Book x10 9. White Board Markers x5 Boxes(variety colours) 10. Eraser x5 11. Laminating Pouches A4 250 Micron x5 12. Laminating Pouches A3 250Micron x3 13. Pilot Gel Refill G-2 Black x10 14. Flip Chart papers x10 15. Paper Clips 50mm x 2boxes 16. Paper Clips 33mm x2 boxes 17. Prestik 100g x10 18. Heavy duty with Tidy Clips 074007 x100 19. Polypropylene Dividers Jan-Dec x20 20. AAA6 Duracell plus x5


6/18/2021 12:00:00 PM
SUPPLY, DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION OF FENCING AT 1.8m heigh The MBDA requires to replace and install 200 metre by 1.8 metre clear view or similar fencing, including installing gates. • Remove existing gumpoles and dispose, • 200m (length) by 1.8m (height) fencing • No. 4 Pedestrian gates • No.1 vehicular Access


6/15/2021 12:00:00 PM
SUPPLY, DELIVERY OF: The MBDA requires the supply, delivery of 150 golf tshirts: - Quantity x150 - Color (white) - 100 % cotton - Slim fit - Size small x 30 size medium x60 size large x40 size extra large 20

MBDA 05603 Supply and Deliver of Cleaning Consumables

6/17/2021 4:00:00 PM
The Mandela Bay Development Agency MBDA hereby calls for quotes from suitable service providers for Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Consumables for a 12-month period for the following Cleaning Consumables: 1. White soft double ply twin toilet papers (48 per pack) 2. Soft white multi fold paper towels 3. Regs 5kg 4. Spray bottle sanitizer 1Litre 5. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 5litre 6. Pine Gel 5litre 7. Hand Soap 5litre 8. Air Freshener 5litre 9. Black Deep 5litre 10. Surgical mask (50 pcs per box) (3 ply ear loop) 11. Dust mask (50 piece per Box) 12. Toilet Brush 13. Normal Bleach 5 litre 14. Thick Bleach 5 litre 15. Handy Andy 5 litre 16. Surgical Gloves 17. Normal Mop (Jumbo 400g) 18. Brass Broom 19. Soft platform broom 20. Window Cleaner 5 litre 21. 5metre long Window Squeegee 22. Long plastic gloves 23. Long handle Metal Dustpan and Platform Soft Broom 24. Heavy duties refuse bags (Black 20 per pack) 25. Sunlight liquid (Original) 5lLitre 26. Omo Bleach (Original) 3Litre 27. Domestos * (3 Litre) 28. 4 x 5L Progen (alcosal) 29. 4 x 5L Prosan (reocid) 30. Deo Blocks 5 litre 31. Original Tile Cleaner Mr. Muscle 750ml 32. Mr. Min 400ml Furniture polish 33. Drain Boy Alkaline Drain Cleaner 5Litre 34. Wringer Mop Head 750*1032 PLEASE COMPLETE PRICING PROPOSAL (ANNUEXURE A BELOW) The MBDA will from time-to-time request cleaning consumables of a similar nature not listed above. The MBDA pays 30 days from receipt of a valid tax invoice.

MBDA 05607 Facilities Management training for 2x staff members

6/15/2021 4:00:00 PM
Human Resource
Facilities Management training for 2x staff members. The Facilities Management course should cover a comprehensive scope of management, finance, reporting, operating and environmental aspects of facilities management in order to equip our employees with the skills and integrated knowledge to implement a successful facilities management plan. Service providers are invited to submit quotations for an NQF 5 Facilities Management Course for 2 employees, to be conducted over a period of 12 months. The Service Provider must provide the course content on how to achieve the above as well as pricing for the below listed scenarios: • Virtual training sessions • Face to face sessions Service providers need to be registered with South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA)