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Art, Culture & Heritage

Culture plays a crucial element as part of the holistic approach to development. Any development that allows people to express and embrace who they are is defined as a culture-led development and forms an integral part of cultural planning. Cultural planning allows for a much deeper way of looking at spatial development and transformation. Public art The MBDA has been a leading institution in the city that integrates public art within its development methodology. There have been two very important factors to consider when looking at public art, 1) Creating a new narrative that allows for cultural diversity e.g The sculpture of Zola Nqini in Uitenhage, 2) Creating tourism products that tell the story of who we are as people of Nelson Mandela Bay, ‘’Route 67’’ Heritage Nelson Mandela Bay has a rich diversity of heritage(s), both tangible and intangible. We recognise the importance of protecting all heritage(s) and history. This is important for all people of this City. The landscape of the City is still very colonial and offers an opportunity for redress. We do recognise that there needs to be investment in other heritage(s). E.g Keeping the story of the S.S Mendi alive, and the restoration of the lost pieces of South End through development and installation of a public art that brings back what was lost during forced removals. Creative Industries As the world progresses forward in technology and taking advantages of the 4th Industrial revolution, the creative industries are right in the core of this transformation. As the institution we understand the value in investing in local film makers, musicians, producers, composers, designers, fashion designers, writers and a lot more. This is not possible to do in isolation. We continue forming partners with institutions and civil society in positioning our city and the Culture Capital of the Province.

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